The Chief Vann house is a state historical site located near Chatsworth, Georgia.

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Entry Date: July 2014

In summary,

The Richardson Tribe

Lainey sporting a traditional Cherokee basket.

A volunteer demonstrates spining yarn.

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Each Saturday from April to August, volunteers with green thumbs can help plant, maintain, and harvest our traditional Cherokee Three Sisters garden. We'll provide the heirloom plants & seeds if you provide the help! Come harvest time, our volunteer gardeners are welcome to take home whatever they help to grow!

According to Cherokee legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. The corn stalk provides a natural pole for the beans to climb, the beans provide nitrates into the soil, and the squash plant provides shade to hold in moisture and repel insects. So, the three sisters all work together to provide a bountiful harvest!
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Official website


Georgia's State Parks website is very well done. As usual, more pictures would be great!

Places to camp near New Echota and Calhoun, Georgia


Fort Mountain State Park, Red Top Mountain State Park, McKinney Campground, Doll Mountain Campground, KOA of Calhoun, Salacoa Creek Park



Nearby Fort Mountain and Cohutta Wilderness. Pinhoti Trail

Visitor Center/museum


The museum is small but very informative of the Vanns. The people working there are very helpful.

Vann House 9 This beautiful old home is characteristic

Local Attractions


Rome, Tellus Museum, Booth Western Art Museum, Fort Mountain State Park, Red Top Mountain State Park, McKinney Campground, Doll Mountain Campground, Lake Allatoona, Carters Lake, and much more.

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July 2014